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At ANCLA Motorsports we specialize in product, driver and tuner development and distribution of original name brand parts and components.

We’re also the main distribution and supporting office for Latin America and the Caribbean for a few companies such as: Haltech Engine Management Systems, Competition Clutch, Jenvey, AEM, BuddyClub, MoTeC to name a few.

Available as well, in terms of product development, we design, develop and manufacture specialty parts such as: turbo cast manifolds, aluminum elbows, aluminum intakes, engine block guards, aluminum disc brake hubs, cam gears, crank & accessories pulleys to name most of the ones we do directly. In terms of those we can have made for our customers: Forged rods, forged crankshafts, forged pistons, racing valve train kits including SS, Titanium and specialty aerospace alloys, patch loom harness among others. We have added the value of all these years of experience making fast cars in our countries where conditions are different of the ones here in USA, as well as FIA regulated classes, TC2000 and JDM classes very popular in our territories. We are active and successfully supporting anywhere from street cars all the way up to professional racers and 100% dedicated to the satisfaction of all of our clients while delivering the best customer service possible.
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